Stopping the Generational Slide

Series: The Story

Speaker: Paul Strozier

June 6, 2021

Paul Strozier

Senior Pastor

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The Story

The Pentatateuch: Genesis - Exodus - Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy

Joshua - Y’shua – Jesus “God Saves”

Stopping the Generational Slide

Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs - Dr. Bruce Wilkinson "The Powerful Principle of the Three Chairs”

Three Chairs of Faith

First Chair: Commitment

Second Chair:  Compromise

Third Chair:  Conflict

Joshua 24:14-15-“So fear the Lord and serve him wholeheartedly. Put away forever the idols your ancestors worshiped when they lived beyond the Euphrates River and in Egypt. Serve the Lord alone. But if you refuse to serve the Lord, then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

Three Chairs of Faith - The Biblical Basis

First Chair: Commitment, Joshua

Second Chair: Compromise, The Elders

Judges 2:10-12 - After that generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord or remember the mighty things he had done for Israel. The Israelites did evil in the Lord’s sight and served the images of Baal. They abandoned the Lord, the God of their ancestors, who had brought them out of Egypt. They went after other gods, worshiping the gods of the people around them. And they angered the Lord.

Third Chair: Conflict, The Elders’ Children


The Dynamic of Generational Slide

First Chair                  

First Generation

Knows God'

Firsthand Faith           

Experiences Power

Surrender to Word                                                                             


Second Chair              

Second Generation

Knows About God

Secondhand Faith

Witnesses Power

Submits to Word                                            


Third Chair

Third Generation

Does Not Know God

No Faith

Doesn’t Believe in Power

Skeptical of Word      


Three Chairs of Faith - Where are You?

 First Chair: Gratitude

 Second Chair: Growth

 Third Chair: Grace             


Stopping the Generational Slide

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