We Believe that God's Mission is Reconciliation

We are compelled to Love People Back to God through relationship building and partnerships with local and international mission partners. God is about restoring all creation to His original intent, wherever they are on the continuum. That has an impact on not yet followers of Christ, as well as followers of Christ. 

  1. God's mission is reconciliation: the restoration of all creation to His original intent. This is summarized in a relationship; union, unity with God in the communal context. 
  2. God has entrusted the message of His mission to all believers. We are agents and ambassadors of His kingdom.
  3. All believers must carry the message.

How do we love people back to God? By being Jesus' representatives in our world.

The role of Missions is to equip people to:

  • Know the mission - God’s heart, His intent.
  • Know your call - Identifying gifts, skills, interests, & passions.
  • Know your context - See Opportunities where you are.