God’s Word, the Bible, provides a foundation for faith that strengthens us in our spiritual journeys, nurtures our relationships with God, and guides us through life as followers of Jesus. There is no greater resource beyond the person of God to secure and solidify our faith in Him. It is His story, our story, your story, THE STORY.  In this series, we want to provide an overview of scripture with the goal of creating greater access to God’s Word and inspiring personal engagement with scripture.

THE STORY Devotional

The Bible is many books that have been brought together to form one beautiful story.  It is a story of creation and new creation.  It is a story of redemption despite the pain and suffering that has entered God’s world.  Join us as we go through different parts of the Bible to tell the greatest story ever recorded:  the story of the Bible.  Click on the button below for a link to this sermon series daily devotional.

Daily Devotional