Creating Opportunities to Engage with Students to Empower Them Through Scripture and Relationships

Who We Are

MP Youth is a program designed for middle school and high school students to have an intensely fun, safe, and inclusive community where we can help them to become more like Jesus by understanding that they are loved no matter what! This is a time of life where new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are all around and it is easy to be confused by all of the commotion. We seek to instill in students that their identity can only be found in Jesus and what He has done for us through worship, biblical teaching, and relationship development in small group communities.

MP Youth is always creating opportunities for students to come together to have fun and to make memories outside of our weekly programming. Check the gathering and connect page for more info, sign up for notifications, and subscribe for the weekly emails to stay informed. 


MP Gaming is a faith-based ministry that will target the gamer culture of Madison County. Our Mission is to connect gamers with God and others in a restorative and transformative relationship that gives gamers a safe place to game, build relationships with other gamers, and improve their skills. MP Gaming will attempt to address both the stereotypes of gaming culture and also the real concerns of the gaming culture. To do this, MP Gaming will create a safe place for gamers to interact face-to-face, build healthy social relationships, and improve both their game etiquette and their skills. MP Gaming will also create opportunities for farmers to interact with those outside the gaming culture through community service and events that will showcase the strengths of the gaming community.   To connect with us click MPGaming.

MP Gaming games nights - 5:00 - 10:00 pm

  • April 10th 

Gamers will be able to participate digitally. We will look to have in-person gatherings when determined appropriate and safe.


Times and Location

  • Jr. High Sundays 10:30 Jr. High students will gather together in the main worship center for worship and then depart together to the Youth Center for specific teaching and small group discussions.

  • High School Weekly Large Group Gathering Sundays 6:00 pm (Check-in opens at 5:30). Due to Covid-19, we are also hosting a streaming option.

Weekly Large Group Online

Sunday Night Youth will have both an in-person, as well as a digital engagement starting at 6 pm. Students attending "in-person" are welcomed to check-in starting at 5:30 pm. Students will attend the service while in a small group setting. We have set aside adequate spaces for groups to meet while practicing social distancing. Everyone attending is required to wear a mask.

Click on the link below to see the rest of our Covid guidelines and restrictions.  We have also attached a link with the various connection and streaming options.

Covid Guidelines

There are so many ways to connect with us!


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Orange Curriculum

In the MP NextGen Ministries, we use a strategy called Orange. The Orange Strategy combines the Church as the Light of the World (Yellow) and the love that exists in a Family (Red), in an effort to empower the two biggest influences in a child's life to reach them with the Love of Jesus. When the Church (Yellow) and Family (Red) work together to influence a child, they become Orange. Our desire at Madison Park Church is to effectively equip families at home with how to lead kids, teenagers, and college students into a personal relationship with Jesus.