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Engage Series: For Everyone

We recommend the Engage series for everyone who attends Madison Park. Whether you have been a believer for decades or you just finished the Starting Point class for new believers, Engage is a great way to take a closer look at your faith and dive into a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

There are four sessions in the Engage series and we strongly recommended completing all four in order. Each session includes a teaching video and interactive notes. You can follow along with the lesson, scripture references, add your own notes, and download the notes when you are finished adding your own thoughts. If you prefer to download and print a pdf of the notes from all four sessions at once, you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

See links to each section below. 

Pastor Mickey walks us through Engage, Session One. Click below to watch the video and see the teaching notes. 

Watch Session One

Pastor Mickey walks us through Session Two of the Engage series. Click below to watch the video and see the teaching notes. 

Watch Session Two

Pastor Mickey walks us through Session Three of the Engage series. Click below to watch the video and see the teaching notes. 

Watch Session Three

Missions Pastor, Doug Linville, walks us through Session Four of the Engage series. Click below to watch the video and see the teaching notes. 

Watch Session Four

Starting Point: For New Believers

The Starting Point Series is specifically designed with new believers in mind. The foundation of our relationship with God is FAITH (belief and trust) in Him. Forgiveness comes when we accept Christ's love for us and choose to follow Him. This series helps you build upon that foundation and take your next step in following Jesus. It also teaches important truths from God's word to help prepare us to recognize the lies of the enemy. 

Contact Pastor Mickey for access to the Starting Point series.

RightNow Media: A Devotional Resource

Right Now Media is a free gift for you from Madison Park. Just CLICK HERE to sign up through the church's subscription. Then you'll have access to thousands of Bible studies, videos, devotions, and more. 

If you have any questions contact Laura Callen at  

A word of advice: take a moment for self-assessment. Often, we are predisposed to focus on just one aspect of our relationship with God and need to ask Him if there are blind spots we are missing. For example, if you find yourself drawn to intellectual study of scripture, are you also pursuing genuine, loving relationships with other believers and caring for the people God misses most? Reach out to Mickey Foley to find out about opportunities to grow in these areas. 


A virtual library of resources

Designed to help you grow as a follower of Jesus

Access thousands of bible studies, videos, training, devotionals and tools to help support you on your journey. We even have a Madison Park page that has suggested resources from Pastor Paul as well as recommendations from various areas of ministry.

To sign up, click the button below or text "RightNow MPCOG" to the number, 41411. If you have any questions contact Laura Callen at 

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Connecting in the Midst of Quarantine 

Each week you have the opportunity to process the weekly message with others using our sermon-based questions via Facebook. How is God transforming you through the weekly message? The sermon and questions will be available each week for you to engage deeper and with others.

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Discipleship, Community & Social Distancing

We believe that discipleship happens best in circles and not rows. In this season it would seem that discipleship opportunities would be difficult to engage in as we practice social distancing and take precautions during this time. However, we are blessed to be able to communicate and engage with each through technology. We encourage you to utilize this technology to stay connected to community! 

Video Conference Tools

These have free versions that you can use to meet with multiple people at once. 

Google Hangouts
- All users must have a Gmail account or use chrome as your web browser and have a web camera (or smart phone camera) 
- Invite people to the meeting either by scheduling a calendar event with a meeting link OR creating a Hangouts group and clicking the video camera icon. 
- See more here

Facebook Messenger
- All users must have Facebook messenger and a web camera (or smart phone camera)
- Invite people by creating a group FB message, then clicking the video camera icon at the top of the group message. 
- See more here

- Users must download Skype and create an account
- See more here

Video Conferencing Tips

Video calls have challenges that we don't experience in face-to-face meetings. Here are some ways to keep them positive!

Call Etiquette
- Find your mute button and mute yourself any time you are not speaking. This will reduce echo and distracting background noises. Also, most of these programs show a thumbnail image of every person on the call and automatically put the loudest person center screen.
- Enable your camera. :-) It may make you feel self-conscious at first to see yourself, but your group wants to see your smiling face and be able to read your non-verbal communication. 
- Put extra effort into active listening. It can be easy to disengage when you're watching a computer screen. 
Be gracious with yourself and others when you accidentally speak over one another. This will happen occasionally. Just laugh and move on. 
- Commit to connecting with each other, though this new way may feel awkward at first. Practice makes a difference. 

Signing In
- Check out the video conferencing tool before your meeting time to ensure that you can download the tool if needed or just create an online account. 
- Log in a couple minutes before the meeting just in case you experience a longer load time. 
- Give permission for the conferencing program to access your camera and microphone.

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