Called to Connect During COVID-19

Connecting might seem impossible at an unprecedented period of social distancing, however the church is so much more than a building. WE are the church. YOU are the church. And today's technology breaks down the barriers of distance so that we can still find ways to encourage each other, worship together, and grow in our faith. 

Don't go it alone. Get connected! Read on to see how.

Four Ways to Watch Service

In case you missed it, churches broke the internet! Because so many services are being streamed at the same time Sunday mornings all over the country, website servers have been overloaded and even Facebook couldn't keep up. Because of this, we are offering 4 different ways to watch service every week. We encourage you to pick your favorite and have a backup ready just in case you experience problems. 

Interactive Facebook Stream

For everyone who loves the community-feeling of simultaneous worship, we will continue to stream our services every Sunday at 10:30 on Facebook.

Our pastors sign in to Facebook every Sunday morning so that we can worship with you, take prayer requests, and see all your smiling faces (well, profile pictures)!  

Interactive Website Stream

Visit our new webpage to watch our service stream every Sunday morning. You have the option to sign in and chat with us here as well.  

Afterwards, these videos will continue to be available to watch any time. 

Pre-Loaded Vimeo Video

The benefit of using our Vimeo page is that the video will be posted ahead and time, so you won't experience slow load times.

Pre-loaded YouTube Video

Youtube is the 4th backup just in case all other platforms fail. Visit our Youtube Page HERE and watch for new sermon videos every Saturday.

Discipleship, Community & Social Distancing

We believe that discipleship happens best in circles and not rows. In this season it would seem that discipleship opportunities would be difficult to engage in as we practice social distancing and take precautions during this time. However, we are blessed to be able to communicate and engage with each through technology. We encourage you to utilize this technology to stay connected to community! We have practical ways for you to stay connected not only through our online worship on Sundays but also through virtual community throughout the week. 

Virtual Community Group Video Meeting

Join Pastor Mickey on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm to engage in community and process the online message from Sunday. Use the Community Group Questions from the website as the group guide. Simply download the app and join in at the appropriate time using this link:

Virtual Community Facebook Group

Process the weekly message with others using our sermon-based questions via Facebook. How is God transforming you through the weekly message? The sermon and questions will be available each week for you to engage deeper and with others. 

This group is open to everyone, but like other Facebook groups, what you post will only be available to group members. Click Here to Join.

Video Conference Tools

These have free versions that you can use to meet with multiple people at once. 

Google Hangouts
- All users must have a Gmail account or use chrome as your web browser and have a web camera (or smart phone camera) 
- Invite people to the meeting either by scheduling a calendar event with a meeting link OR creating a Hangouts group and clicking the video camera icon. 
- See more here

Facebook Messenger
- All users must have Facebook messenger and a web camera (or smart phone camera)
- Invite people by creating a group FB message, then clicking the video camera icon at the top of the group message. 
- See more here

- Users must download Skype and create an account
- See more here

Video Conferencing Tips

Video calls have challenges that we don't experience in face-to-face meetings. Here are some ways to keep them positive!

Call Etiquette
- Find your mute button and mute yourself any time you are not speaking. This will reduce echo and distracting background noises. Also, most of these programs show a thumbnail image of every person on the call and automatically put the loudest person center screen.
- Enable your camera. :-) It may make you feel self-conscious at first to see yourself, but your group wants to see your smiling face and be able to read your non-verbal communication. 
- Put extra effort into active listening. It can be easy to disengage when you're watching a computer screen. 
Be gracious with yourself and others when you accidentally speak over one another. This will happen occasionally. Just laugh and move on. 
- Commit to connecting with each other, though this new way may feel awkward at first. Practice makes a difference. 

Signing In
- Check out the video conferencing tool before your meeting time to ensure that you can download the tool if needed or just create an online account. 
- Log in a couple minutes before the meeting just in case you experience a longer load time. 
- Give permission for the conferencing program to access your camera and microphone.

Community Group Questions


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Connecting in the Midst of Quarantine 

Each week you have the opportunity to process the weekly message with others using our sermon-based questions via Facebook. How is God transforming you through the weekly message? The sermon and questions will be available each week for you to engage deeper and with others.

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